Oakworks Shield

Oakworks Shield

MSRP: $295.00

Oakworks Shield is designed to reduce the risk of contamination via aerosols and droplets by providing a barrier between caregivers and patients. It is also effective in separating patients from one another in larger rooms.

  • 48" wide x 36" high barrier to aerosols and droplets
  • Comes with enough film to make 25 barriers
  • Optically clear material facilitates detailed work
  • Stable design on wheels is adjustable in height
  • Replacement barrier rolls available
  • This product is not FDA listed
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  • To create a new barrier, just cut off old barrier, pull out new material and clip in place
  • Shield material and support elements can be disinfected allowing a single shield to be used for multiple days
  • Additional Oakworks Shield Rolls are available for $95
  • Unit comes partially disassembled- assembles in a few minutes

  • Barrier Size: 48" x 36" Shield Area
  • Height Range: 8"-38" (Bottom of Shield)
  • Base: 5 Star with Wheels
  • Shield Support Arm: Carbon Fiber with 2 Clips
  • Support Pole: Stainless Steel 2 Piece Pole
  • Replacement Film Rolls: Enough to make 25 barriers
  • Weight: 11 lbs Without Roll, 22 lbs With Roll
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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